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Karen Rowan is an author and speaker on TPRS®


TPRS® Workshops & Inservices

School District Inservices

Hire Karen Rowan for a school district inservice. Trainings are customized to meet the specific needs of your department. Workshops for mixed TPRS® and non-TPRS® departments; adapting the textbook to TPRS® ; 1 day or 2 day workshops; coaching workshops for experienced departments; classroom demos.

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TPRS® Workshop E-Handout

Complete TPRS® workshop handout

Download the TPRS® Lesson Plan Form
Assists the TPRS® teacher in developing a TPRS® teaching curriculum.

Download a TPR Stories Peer-coaching Feedback Form.
(This form is not intended to be use for evaluative purposes. It should be used by an observer familiar with TPRS® . The observer will need a watch or stopwatch. The teacher being observed should use the form to perform an informal self-evaluation of the content of the class).

Download a Certificate of Completion for a Karen Rowan Workshop
Have you completed a Karen Rowan Workshop? Download your certificate of completion by clicking on their respective name above.

Do you live in CT, NJ, PA or WI? These states have regulations regarding awarding course credits.
Download the Special Independent-Practicum Enrollment packet.

University Credits: Download the Karen Rowan Workshops Storytelling Practicum for university credits for participation in a Karen Rowan workshop.

University Credits: Download the Fluency Fast University of The Pacific Credit Application form

“The first time I heard a TPRS® Workshop I thought, ‘This is nonsense!’ Now I think, ‘This is magic!'”

-Jason Fritze, TPRS® teacher and presenter, New Jersey.