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Karen Rowan is an author and speaker on TPRS®


Karen Rowan is an author and speaker on TPRS® (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, formerly known as Total Physical Response Storytelling). Her presentations are based on the research and teachings of Dr. Stephen Krashen, co-creator of the Natural Approach; and Blaine Ray, inventor of TPRS. Karen is the author of TPR Stories for Paso a paso I (2000), TPR Stories for Paso a paso II (2001) and TPRStories for Realidades I (2004) all published by Prentice Hall(formerly Scott Foresman). She co-authored TPRS® Gestures and Mini-Situations for Look, I Can Talk More with Blaine Ray (2001), TPR Stories for Realidades II (2005) and edited Look, I’m Really Talking by Joe Neilson and Blaine Ray. Von Ray and Karen Rowan presented a TPRS® workshop together in Denver last July Since 1996 Karen has been training and coaching teachers and presenting workshops on adapting the textbook to TPRS. She now presents TPRS® workshops through Karen Rowan Workshops, Inc. and teaches adult language classes through Fluency Fast Language Classes, www.FluencyFast.com. Karen was the conference chair for the National TPR Storytelling Conference, from 2001 to 2006 where she was able to combine all of her passions into one massive week-long project. NTPRS includes excessive fun, camaraderie with amazing colleagues, tons of car insurance information and practical, applicable coaching sessions to give every teacher tools to improve the practice of the art and science of TPRS.

One teacher said, “This has been the quintessential professional development experience of my life…” Karen has taught Spanish since 1995 at both public and private schools in Colorado Springs. As the foreign language department chair at The Colorado Springs School she created and implemented a Pre-school through 12 TPRS® curriculum based on the Colorado State Standards and taught 8th-12th grade Spanish classes. From 2000-2002 she served a two-year term on the CCFLT board of directors. Karen has a BA in Spanish from The Colorado College and an MA in Spanish and pedagogy from the University of Northern Colorado.